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save tree, save living things. Green trees clean air. Save a tree, it don’t charge a fee. Love your wife & don’t cut trees. Save trees and get out of respiratory diseases. Save the Tree, eat leaves for free! Leave my wood alone. Trees are the roots of all living. Save trees, eliminate global warming. Cut the greed, Not the green! Save trees, get natural friends. Plant a tree and get oxygen for free. Earth looks ugly without trees. Save a TREE, kill a BUSH. Help us breathe, save trees. If a tree falls, it’s heard everywhere. Saving trees is our duty. Save paper – Save trees. Save trees for your life. Take a stand to save trees.

He just released a track called Kill A Human, Save A Dog in which 100% of proceeds will go to charity! There are also t-shirts and girly shirts with a design by Mr 8 Legz! Check out the post about it straight from the Gore Hop legend himself. We would greatly appreciate all of you sharing, reposting, and helping promote this song and showing that our scene can stand for something good from time to time even if the song is still murderous and violent, it is done for a good cause

In futures studies, human extinction is the hypothetical end of the human species. This may result from natural causes or it may be the result of human action.

Human is the fourth studio album by American death metal band Death, released on October 22, 1991, by Relativity Records. The album marked the beginning of a major stylistic change for Death, being more technically complex and progressive than the band's previous efforts. This new style would continue to evolve on all following Death albums

Funny huh. I thought so, that's why I made this video. Create a sustainable home with all the most efficient systems and products to create a comfortable home. Sustainability is a lifestyle.

One way to kill a tree is to hire a professional tree service to do the job. They can cut the tree down and remove the stump for you. You usually have the option of having the tree service remove the debris or cleaning up the mess yourself. Just be sure the tree is the type that provides good firewood, as some types aren’t suitable for burning. Also be sure to let the firewood become well-seasoned and dry before using it. Cutting the tree

It takes much time to kill a tree, Not a simple jab of the knife. On killing a tree- It is such a beautiful write - - - It reveals the strength of the tree as well as the brutality it takes to kill a tree- - Most poignantly expressed. Shalini (11/27/2018 10:25:00 AM).

Cutting Tree Roots Above Ground – Everything You Need to Know. As a guideline, avoid pruning roots more than 2 inches wide. Again, if you cut tree roots, there is never a guarantee that it won’t hurt or eventually kill the tree. We only recommend removing tree roots when they are damaging or infringing on a nearby structure – not for aesthetic reasons. For the best chance of your tree surviving, consult with your local arborist before removing tree roots. Or see if your arborist can prune the roots for you.

Detroit: Become Human has more endings than previous Quantic Dream games. There are a staggering number of permutations to the way this story can conclude, ranging from the colour of a particular character’s hair to the clothes they're wearing to whether they even make it out alive. As such, we’re not even going to attempt to put a total on how many endings there are in Detroit: Become Human. Instead, we’re going to write a rough guide explaining all of the possible permutations for each of the title’s three main characters.


1 Plant A Tree, Plant A Human
2 No More Logging
3 Fuck Deforestation
4 Environmental Extinction Ratio
5 Methial Mercury Mutation 1
6 Pollution In Progress
7 Kill A Logger For Every Tree That's Cut
8 Chaining A Lumberjack To A Tree While Taking His Chainsaw To His Fucking Genitals
9 Methial Mercury Mutation 2
10 Every Eco-species Extinction Retaliated
11 Humans = Problem!
12 For Each Fish You Take Out Of My Reservoir, I'm Killing A Member Of Your Family
13 Justifiable Humanbutchering
14 No More Housing Projects
15 Make Lumberjacks An Endangered Species
16 Tree-eater Larvae
17 No More Papermills
18 Death To Treehugging Hippies
19 The Ecopopulation Gets Thinner, The Loggers Get Richer...
20 Methial Mercury Mutation 3
21 We Feel Bad/Like Hypocrites For Printing Our Project's Inlay On Paper....
22 ...But Then How Else Would You Be Able To Get All The Info For This Fine Quality Tape?
23 Circle Of Dead Loggers
24 Black Tree Putrefaction
25 Twig Birth
26 Las Days Of Logging Communities
27 Stop Homosapien Breeding..... Now!!!!!
28 I Paused My Porno To Watch A Tv Special About Deforestation
29 Sewage Tsunami
30 Methial Mercury Mutation 4
31 Landslide Of Cut Logs Crushing Mankind (Part 1)
32 Landslide Of Cut Logs Crushing Mankind (Part 2)
33 Landslide Of Cut Logs Crushing Mankind (Part 3)
34 Landslide Of Cut Logs Crushing Mankind (Part 4)
35 Humanity As A Dead Logger's Corpse
36 Force Fed Jagged Pieces Of Poisonous Tree Bark
37 Listening To This Tape Won't Make You An Environmentalist...
38 ...It'll Just Make You Just That Much More Deaf Instead
39 Put That Brush In The Woodchipper, I'll Make Sure That You're Going In There Next
40 Giving Birth To Stillborn Mutant Babies (Methial Mercury Mutation 5)
41 Don't Listen To Total Tree Gore....
42 One Goddamned Logger At A Time.....


TxTxGx: Bill tyler - Drums / noise / concept, Bobby M. - vocals / noise
Total Tree Gore - Save A Tree, Kill A Human mp3 flac
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Performer: Total Tree Gore
Title: Save A Tree, Kill A Human
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